Timber Sale Administration

Why should I hire a forester to sale my timber? Most landowners only have one or two timber sales in their lifetime, while others may have a yearly or bi-yearly sale. Hiring an experienced forester to manage the timber sale will ensure the sale is a smooth process and that you receive the maximum value for your timber. Genesis has many years of experience in timber procurement and managing timber sales. Genesis will help you maximize revenues and receive the best value for your timber. This will be accomplished by designing the right timber sale for your property, offering timber sales to reputable forest product companies, using the latest technologies to collect data on your property, monitoring logging operations to ensure best management practices are being followed. Also, by using Genesis for your timber sales, you ensure proper protections are in place with a very detailed timber deed that is in the best interest of you, the landowner.

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Genesis Forest Management is a forestry, wildlife, and technology consulting firm with locations in Smryna and Lagrange, Georgia. We serve most of Georgia and Alabama. Genesis specializes in assisting landowners in all aspects of land management and is committed to meeting landowners' goals through responsible forest management. Genesis is the only forestry consulting firm in Georgia to offer myforestâ„¢ management and stewardship plans.

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