Fire Management

Fire is an essential tool used in forest management. Genesis Forest Management is insured and provides two types of burning services to meet your forest management needs.

Prescribed Burning

Prescribed burnings should be performed on a regular basis as a management tool for your stands (depending on age and stand type). This is usually done on a 2, 3, 4,or 5 year cycle. Prescribed burning is performed during the dormant season to reduce fuels, reduce competition, and release nitrogen back into the soil. Burning benefits wildlife by increasing forage from new sprouts.

Site Prep Burning

Site prep burning is performed in conjunction with reforesting a stand. The burning is usually performed a few weeks after a site prep herbicide treatment (usually in Summer or Fall). The new stand of trees is then regenerated by machine or hand planting in the winter. A site prep burn cleans the site for easier planting (can reduce planting costs), gets rid of debris piles or windrows from logging operation, and puts nitrogen back into the soil. Genesis Forest Management is licensed and insured to burn in Georgia. Fire breaks are usually installed by the Georgia Forestry Commission or private contractors. Genesis Forest Management burns only when permitted by the Georgia Forestry Commission and follows all Georgia Best Management Practices (BMPs). Contact Genesis if you are interested in creating a burn plan for your property.


Genesis Forest Management is a forestry, wildlife, and technology consulting firm with locations in Smryna and Lagrange, Georgia. We serve most of Georgia and Alabama. Genesis specializes in assisting landowners in all aspects of land management and is committed to meeting landowners' goals through responsible forest management. Genesis is the only forestry consulting firm in Georgia to offer myforestâ„¢ management and stewardship plans.

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