One Box of Girl Scout Cookies Worth $15 Billion?

Have you ever heard of Graphene? Graphene is a highly conductive allotrope of carbon whose atoms are arranged in a mesh- like form a single atom thick. The substance was discovered to be present in ordinary graphite in 2003. Graphene has greater electron mobility and more efficient heat dissipation than silicon. Because of these and other attributes, graphene may some day replace silicon as the semiconductor material in microchips. In plain english, it's considered to be key in the future development of new technologies. What does this have to do with trees?

Graphene can be made from most anything containing Carbon. Researchers at Rice University have have found a way to make Graphene from Girl Scout Cookies. Grahepene typically costs about $250 for a two-inch square. From one box of Girl Scout Cookies, researchers were able to produce about $15 Billion (that's right with a "B") worth of Graphene. So, could Graphene be made from trees? Sure, but the supply would go up so much that the price of Graphene would go down significantly. But, this kind of out of the "cookie" box kind of thinking is exacly the what the forest industry needs right now. Have you seen the price of Pine Sawtimber?. What future products could be made from trees? Is bio engergy the answer? It'll be interesting to see what future markets open up for our timber resources.


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