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Why should I hire a forester to sale my timber? Most landowners only have one or two timber sales in their lifetime, while others may have a yearly or bi-yearly sale.

Planning is essential in managing your property in order to meet your objectives. Genesis offers management plans that are designed to meet your specific objectives.

Fire is an essential tool used in forest management. Genesis Forest Management is insured and provides two types of burning services to meet your forest management needs.

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Project: Timber Valuation in Atlanta

I recently completed a timber valuation project for a client in Atlanta, Georgia.

Planted pine stand revisited

 As a young forester, it's hard to imagine planting a stand of trees and seeing them mature into large trees. I'm not at that point in my career...yet.

Speaking out against SOPA and PIPA

If you visited this site on January 18, 2011, you may have been surprised by a black screen with a message about stopping SOPA and PIPA.

One Box of Girl Scout Cookies Worth $15 Billion?

Have you ever heard of Graphene? Graphene is a highly conductive allotrope of carbon whose atoms are arranged in a mesh- like form a single atom thick.


Genesis Forest Management is a forestry, wildlife, and technology consulting firm with locations in Smryna and Lagrange, Georgia. We serve most of Georgia and Alabama. Genesis specializes in assisting landowners in all aspects of land management and is committed to meeting landowners' goals through responsible forest management. Genesis is the only forestry consulting firm in Georgia to offer myforest™ management and stewardship plans.

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